Protap About

We have been successfully providing Hot-Tap and Linestop solution since 2008


Hot-Tap Operations Expert

PROTAP, the flagship of our group of companies, provides repair, maintenance and revision services in operating oil, gas, petrochemical and water pipelines and facilities. It specializes in the production and supply of materials and services needed to provide these services.

As the only company in the region that produces its own fittings as well as providing turnkey services, we are known for our rapid response and problem-solving abilities.

To produce the highest possible quality services as a worldwide reliable solution partner in project design, production, operation, repair, maintenance and revision in oil, gas, petrochemical, water pipelines and facilities.

By reflecting our unique experience to our work, to provide extraordinary and continuous customer satisfaction, to add value to our customers' projects with our highest quality products and services.

Our company aims to contribute to the increase in the productivity of its customers. In addition to this main purpose, in order to continuously increase the performance of our company,

We will continuously train our employees on quality, cost, efficiency, customer focus, occupational health and safety, and environmental safety,
We will comply with legal and other requirements,
We will protect the health of our employees, visitors and local people by minimizing the environmental effects of our activities and eliminating the risks regarding occupational health and safety,
We will reduce natural resource losses and waste to protect the environment,
We will prevent non-conformities, we will not repeat mistakes,
We will work for full customer satisfaction,
We will solve our problems without delay and with the participation of all our employees,
With our after-sales technical service, we will be with our customers after the sale,
We will carry out activities by understanding the threats that may put our work at risk through appropriate risk assessment,
We will adopt the principle of continuous improvement and business continuity in all our processes,
We will move forward in line with our goals by investing in our employees with the importance we attach to human resources,
We will ensure the full participation of the employees in the work on occupational health and safety and environmental safety, we will establish the necessary committees,
We will provide the necessary resources for the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of our management system.







We successfully carried out the operations in AFGHANISTAN.